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You register in 3 easy steps


You surf the internet for free
while we respect your privacy

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We send you relevant messages

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Register in 3 easy steps

Connect to the sponsored ZapFi zone through this convenient 3-step registration process. Use your mobile phone number, enter the 4-digit activation code and you will swiftly access the internet.

  1. Open your browser and surf to: portal.zapfi.com
  2. Enter you mobile phone number and choose a password
  3. Enter the code you received in the SMS we sent you

You are ready to surf the internet!


We respect your privacy in a secured environment

  • High quality Wi-Fi access free of charge
  • We continuously invest in state-of-the-art technology to guarantee your safety online
  • The information we gather about your surfing behaviour is anonymised and compiled with data from other users. Our sponsors use this to send relevant messages
  • Transparency: You can at all times check and manage the information we have about you by visiting My ZapFi
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We send you relevant messages

In exchange for free Wi-Fi access we send you commercial messages that are relevant to you. For example a free orange juice while ordering breakfast at your favourite coffee shop.

Where to find our hotspots


Our references

  • BNP Paribas

    BNP Paribas-Fortis is one of the largest banks of Belgium and part of the French BNP group.

    BNP Parisbas-Fortis was looking for a free, fast, secure Wi-Fi with a guarantee of 100% legally compliance for the consumer. They now deploy a free Wi-Fi network offer in over 400 banks

  • Cora

    A major retail group in Belgium, Cora owns several hypermarkets and shopping galleries throughout the country. As part of its commitment to stay close to its customers and offer them an exceptional shopping experience, Cora has selected ZapFi and the national telecom operator Belgacom to provide them with complementary in-store Wi-Fi. In addition, Cora uses ZapFi’s mobile marketing platform to inform its customers of special promotions and events.

  • AB InBev

    AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer, has signed a contract with ZapFi to equip a range of cafés in Germany with free-to-consumer Wi-Fi and to use ZapFi’s mobile marketing platform to promote the Becks beer brand to café-goers. The solution includes customized landing pages, a voucher system to drive sales and free, secure, and legally compliant internet access for customers giving the cafés both peace of mind and a competitive edge.

  • Quick

    Since the opening of the first Quick restaurant in 1971, Quick has never ceased to evolve and innovate. Today, Quick is the largest hamburger chain in Belgium. As part of its aim to improve the consumer experience at its restaurants, Quick will now transition from different standard free Wi-Fi systems in its restaurants to the advanced ZapFi/Belgacom free Wi-Fi solution. This shift will allow Quick to extend its local marketing campaigns through branded landing pages which are displayed on the customers’ devices when they select the Quick free Wi-Fi network.

  • Ethias

    Ethias is an insurance company with over 1 million clients and 41 offices in Belgium. The company key values are humanity, ethics, proximity and engagement. Through ZapFi’s marketing platform Ethias integrates the company values by sharing information on the spot, communicating and engaging with their customers by providing a rich brand experience.

    Next to offering their customers a sponsored, secured and legally compliant Wi-Fi service, Ethias enables the free use of mobile devices within the offices.

  • Belfius

    Belfius, one of the leading financial institutions in Belgium, wanted to use their network of hotspots to support the company’s mobile marketing strategy. Belיִus has chosen the services of both ZapFi and the national operator Belgacom for the practical implementation of this project. Belgacom was assigned to put an efיִcient and secure network in place with sufיִcient capacity. For the development of one-to-one customer relationships and a richer consumer brand experience, Belיִus approached ZapFi – an innovative provider of mobile marketing solutions.