"Managed & Secure Wi-Fi for your customers and employees,
an additional marketing channel to promote your business.”

What We Do


ZapFi is an over-the-top (OTT) Wi-Fi cloud platform. This means that any existing Wi-Fi device or Wi-Fi network can connect to the ZapFi cloud via the internet. Once connected, the ZapFi platform will offer your employees and customers advanced Wi-Fi features like e.g. SMS registration, automated authentication for returning Wi-Fi users, fully customisable landing pages and dashboards with detailed information about users & usage of your Wi-Fi network…. All this without installing extra soft- or hardware on your end!


When offering free Wi-Fi to visitors or customers, legal compliancy is important. ZapFi will support the telecom & privacy conditions which may occur in your region. Surfing via ZapFi is also highly secure: all Wi-Fi traffic is passing through the ZapFi cloud platform where deep-packet inspection firewalls continuously monitor all internet traffic for the latest threats. Content-filters will further prevent that inappropriate content is shown to your audience. On top of this, ZapFi also supports user registration and authentication based upon eID’s making it next-to-impossible for non-authorised people to access your Wi-Fi network!


By connecting your existing Wi-Fi network to the ZapFi cloud platform, your Wi-Fi expenditures will now support an additional marketing channel! Each time people connect to your Wi-Fi network, you have the opportunity to tell them more about your business. This happens via fully customisable landing-pages which you can easily change yourself via the ZapFi portal. And ZapFi also allows you to send additional marketing messages and surveys to people during their Wi-Fi sessions. Detailed dashboards give you a lot of information about your Wi-Fi users helping you to even further fine-tune your marketing efforts.

By the end of this decade, over 10 billion mobile devices (smartphones, tablets & laptops combined) will be connected to the Internet. And over 50% of all internet traffic generated by these devices will take place on Wi-Fi networks.

Our Expertise


More and more businesses -large and small- want to offer Wi-Fi to their employees, customers and visitors. We call this “Sponsored Free Wi-Fi” or “B2B2C Wi-Fi”. ZapFi is a pioneer in very large free Wi-Fi implementations at leading brands, taking care of all legal requirements and offering users of these Wi-Fi networks an easy-to-use and highly-secure Wi-Fi experience. Download the case study below to discover why and how a leading bank has chosen ZapFi for its “Sponsored Free Wi-Fi” deployment in hundreds of its branch offices.


Both private and public transportation companies deploy value-aded services on their vehicles to attract new customers and to keep existing customers happy. It goes without saying that “sponsored free Wi-Fi” is becoming highly popular at these companies since it allows them to better know and understand their audience and also gives them the opportunity to generate additional marketing revenues via these on-board free Wi-Fi networks. Download the case study below to understand why and how a leading transport company has chosen ZapFi to install & manage Wi-Fi across hundreds of its busses and trams.


The moment cities offer “free Wi-Fi” in public places like central squares, parks and shopping streets, they are responsible for user identification and legal intercept according to telecom legislation. By connecting their Wi-Fi infrastructure to the ZapFi cloud platform, they are not only fully compliant with the latest telecom -and privacy- regulations, but can use the ZapFi marketing capabilities to better understand who their citizens and visitors are and send targeted marketing messages about e.g. upcoming events to promote tourism. Download the case study below to understand why and how a city uses ZapFi.

About Us

ZapFi is a pioneer and market leader in “Sponsored Free Wi-Fi” or “B2B2C Wi-Fi”. The ZapFi solution is being used by many leading brands across thousands of locations supporting hundreds of thousands of users. ZapFi is chosen because of its capabilities to support any Wi-Fi device and network, compliance with the most stringent telecom & privacy legislations, highly-secure internet traffic management and build-in marketing features. ZapFi can help its customers with the architectural design of large-scale Wi-Fi implementations which ZapFi can also help to build and operate.

With the explosive growth of mobile internet use and the adaption of mobile devices,
a free-to-consumer Wi-Fi offering is a necessity for every business


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